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Would you like to add value to your CQC inspection contributing to well-led and safe?
Care Sector surveys show, that the biggest issues are recruitment and staff sustainability. With the right values based toolkit, you can benchmark for the right person to match your companies values, to get the right person the first time around.

At the heart of quality improvement the CQC is also encouraging values based recruitment, and using our validated toolkit will give proof and demonstrate without explanation. Our toolkit helps you to identify individuals hidden motivators, and help you to achieve a harmonious working environment, ultimately to have a person-centred care and approach.

The most detailed DISC personality profile

Four Online Behavioural Assessments All Rolled Into One Thorough and Comprehensive Report with the 4D Report!

Assessing core beliefs and values

The Values Style Report examines our internal values system by highlighting four areas of importance in life and in the workplace.

1 – DISC – Understand an individual’s predictable behaviour, preferred communication styles, preferences for specific environments and tasks, decision making processes, leadership abilities, organisational skills, and other observable and predictable behaviours.

2 – TEAMS – Gain insight into the individual thinking styles and strengths and limitations of a group within a specific environment. Reveal the internal, natural role that a person will play on a team, and what their most effective role will be.

3 – VALUES – Uncover an individual’s core beliefs and values, essential when we want to make quality decisions when hiring, or develop environments that motivate others.

4 – BAI – Assess the hidden passions, interests, and motivations for a person within a particular setting. When a person’s behavioural attitudes are aligned with their environment, their natural motivation, passion and interests are in harmony- creating contentment and longevity in a position.

VALUES measures people’s core values that impact their decision-making process.

Identify four areas of importance in our internal values system.

Loyalty – Someone focused on traditions, being loyal to people, company, rules, and projects.
Personal Freedom – Someone focused on self-fulfilment, trying to increase boundaries of personal freedom.
Equality – Someone wants to treat people in the same way (including themselves), according to the same rules and benefits.
Justice – Someone is focused on creating win-win situations and working diligently towards a common goal.

VALUES uncover an individual’s core beliefs and values, essential when we want to make quality decisions when hiring, or develop environments that motivate others. Actions are only “The tip of the iceberg” but motivations are what is beneath the surface.

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