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We deliver Mindset CoachingLeadership Training, and Disc Assessments to overcome some of the day-to-day challenges faced by businesses today. Our mission is to help people in businesses to move forward, by using a strengths-based approach to their development.

Our 4D Assessment is the most comprehensive and cost-effective tool on the market.

  • DISC (Behavioural Styles)
  • Values (Hidden Motivators)
  • TEAMS (Thinking Styles and Preferred Team Roles)
  • BAI (Behavioural Attitudes)

DISC 4D report gives 4 dimensions of personality (1440 possible profiles).

The DISC Personality System is recognized as “the universal language of behavior”. This simple assessment tool yields profound insight into human actions and behavior by identifying the intensity of four personality traits – Dominance – Influence – Steadiness – and Compliance.

Discovering your personality style will enable you to enhance communication, strengthen relationships, implement predictive hiring processes and increase employee retention, build productive teams and motivate yourself and others.

Each Disc Assessment will provide:-

  • An Introduction to your DISC Personality Style Report
  • Your three DISC Style (Graphs)
  • Strengths & Limitations
  • Communication – Enhancing communication with others
  • Action Plan – For Personal Development and Growth

TEAMS measures people’s way of thinking and the roles they prefer to play in a group setting.

Identify an individual’s five key roles in team performance and how that contributes to group thought and productivity.

Theorist  – Someone who generates new ideas and delivers creative solutions.
Executor – Someone who implements the project, values accuracy, and does things according to plan.
Analyser – Someone who develops steps of the process and refines methods.
Manager – Someone who uses diplomatic approaches, facilitates and balances the needs of others.
Strategist – Someone who simplifies ideas, markets the concepts and creates a strategy for implementing them.

TEAMS reveals the internal, natural role that a person will play on a team, and what their most effective role will be. Better understand your strengths and build strong teams with all 5 crucial thinking styles present.

Values measures people’s core values that impact their decision-making process.

Identify four areas of importance in our internal values system.

Loyalty – Someone focused on traditions, being loyal to people, company, rules, and projects.
Personal Freedom – Someone focused on self-fulfillment, trying to increase boundaries of personal freedom.
Equality – Someone wants to treat people in the same way (including themselves), according to the same rules and benefits.
Justice – Someone is focused on creating win-win situations and working diligently towards a common goal.

VALUES uncover an individual’s core beliefs and values, essential when we want to make quality decisions when hiring, or develop environments that motivate others. Actions are only “The tip of the iceberg” but motivations are what is beneath the surface.

BAI measures the underlying passions and motivations of an individual within a specific environment.

Identify hidden motivators that influence behaviors. 

Inner Awareness – Someone who desires harmony, inner peace, mind-body balance, and is committed to their value system.
Social/Humanitarian – Someone who wants to support others altruistically and is ready to stand up for beliefs.
Power/Political – Someone who wants to influence others and create change.
Economic – Someone who is very practical and wants to achieve tangible results, including financial ones.
Artistic – Someone who wants to express themselves and be unique and deliver creative, innovative solutions.
Knowledge -Someone who desires learning and understanding, loves exploring topics and searching for truths.

BAI coincides with the feelings and thoughts that unwittingly mold every choice a person makes.

We can organise virtual and face to face DISC Certification Training and Bespoke In-house Training combined with follow-up sessions.

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