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Would you like to add value to your recruitment process and use behavioural awareness in education?
A great Head Teacher knows that it is not just about managing a school along with their staff, it’s also about recruiting the right calibre of teachers who are well-suited to teaching and are likely to remain in the profession. A Values based recruitment is an approach that attracts and recruits employees on the basis that their individual values and behaviours align with the schools.

Personality not only dictates your behaviour, but also the way you teach, the classroom environment you create, and even the results and motivation of your students. So choosing the right person is important when recruiting. Using one of our DISC Psychometric reports we have to offer will help you make the right hire to succeed and thrive in your classrooms

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The most detailed DISC personality profile

Four Online Behavioural Assessments All Rolled Into One Thorough and Comprehensive Report with the 4D Report!

Find your Personality Style

The DISC Personality System is recognised as “the universal language of behaviour”, yielding profound insight into human actions and behaviour.

1 – DISC – Understand an individual’s predictable behaviour, preferred communication styles, preferences for specific environments and tasks, decision making processes, leadership abilities, organisational skills, and other observable and predictable behaviours.

2 – TEAMS – Gain insight into the individual thinking styles and strengths and limitations of a group within a specific environment. Reveal the internal, natural role that a person will play on a team, and what their most effective role will be.

3 – VALUES – Uncover an individual’s core beliefs and values, essential when we want to make quality decisions when hiring, or develop environments that motivate others.

4 – BAI – Assess the hidden passions, interests, and motivations for a person within a particular setting. When a person’s behavioural attitudes are aligned with their environment, their natural motivation, passion and interests are in harmony- creating contentment and longevity in a position.

Discovering your personality style will enable you to enhance communication, strengthen relationships, implement predictive hiring processes and increase employee retention, build productive teams and motivate yourself and others.

Each Disc Assessment will provide:-

  • An Introduction to your DISC Personality Style Report
  • Your three DISC Style (Graphs)
  • Strengths & Limitations
  • Communication – Enhancing communication with others

Action Plan – For Personal Development and Growth

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